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Best Strollers for Big Kids Reviews & In-Depth Buying Guide 2021

Best Strollers for Big Kids

Some kids grow faster than their peers outgrown their current stroller or maybe your kid might be in a medical condition or is recovering from a surgery. In these cases the kid is not able to walk up a whole distance on foot.

No matter what is the reason, a good stroller for big kids can be the solution on the note. The right stroller to help your child can bring your stress relief by fulfilling basic needs.

An ideal stroller held up amazingly over the cobblestone streets, up and down stone stairs, through grass and dirty road as well. So here we will provide reviews of best strollers for big kids with wide variety of features that will defiantly helps in better selection.

Image Product Rating Price
Joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller
Bob revolution flex jogging stroller
Baby jogger city select
UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller
Special Tomato EIO push chair

Best Strollers for Big Kids (Our Top Picks)

1. Joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller

Joovy zoom 360

It is a very lightweight jogging stroller. It is perfect for the parents for jogging or strolling through the town anytime and in any kind of weather. Its swivel front wheel gets locks into place for jogging on the streets.

Its large 16 inches wheels plus suspensions gives an ultra-smooth ride. This stroller is one-handed easy to use and compact foldable which is easy to transport and store. The reclining seat comes with padded 5 –point harness and ventilation that gives ease to baby. Its handlebar is adjustable and comes with a twist hand break feature. Along with this, it also has a large storage basket with zip top cover. The bearing weight of stroller is 75lbs that is quite enough for every weight kid.

So if you are looking for all in one stroller that provide every essential feature then Joovy zoom jogging stroller is the highly recommended option for you.

  • Affordable in price
  • It is lightweight and foldable
  • It has multiple adjustments
  • Its car seat adaptor is sold separately

2. Bob revolution flex jogging stroller

Bob revolution

This bob revolution flex jogging stroller gives a smooth ride due to its suspension system that will helps to make your kid happy all the times.  Its air filled tires provides an ultra-smooth rides over any terrain in any weather that provides easy mobility to the stroller.

The stroller is perfectly fit for any circumstances like even if you want to take it outside (park, malls and roads) or inside. It comes with an adjustable handlebar which creates the perfect fit for the parents of all heights.

In this product, there is no-rethread harness is designed for the easy height adjustments so you can easily adjust the height accordingly. Along with this, the stroller also includes extra space of 6 storage pockets and extra large cargo basket under the seat that provides plenty of space room for your gear including a cellphone pocket at the handlebar.

The stroller is quite helping for those who want to provide freedom to their kids and Keeping in mind the comfort of the kid, ultra padded compression seat is given in this module that comes with an infinite reclining fully upright for all day comfort and lays near-flat with a push of a button.

Its travel system is ready and compatible with the most of the major brands car seats with the use of BOB infant car seat adaptor supported. So if you are the one who prioritize the comfort of kid then this can be a helpful recommendation for you.

  • Premium quality suspension
  • Impressive paddling and soft seat
  • Adjustable handlebar to a good height
  • Overpriced product
  • Adaptor is being sold separately

3. Baby jogger city select

This baby jogger city select comes with unique 16 ways to ride so you can operate it according to personal choice and preference. The maximum height of stroller is 40 inches that is quite enough for average height parents.

The total load weight which is recommended for this stroller is around 62 pounds i.e. 28 kg that is enough for any kid. The best thing about the stroller is that it comes with quick foldable design that allows it to get fold in just one step and also helps to take it anywhere you want.

The configurations are quite unique in its way. This luxury stroller allows you to create a custom system on the go and that gives you ease of doing experimental with your kids stroller. The catchiest thing about the stroller is that it can become a double stroller with the help of its 16 unique combinations by using second seat. So you are getting extra benefits with minimal price tag.

Along with it, the seat comes with a multiple recline positions with a weight of 45 lbs per seat that shows the build quality of the product.  Its canopy is a UB protected 50+ sun canopy which can be adjusted for different head heights accordingly.

So if you are looking for double seat baby jogging stroller then it is something worth considering.

  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Comes in great colors
  • Unique attachments options
  • Great adjustable height
  • Handlebar is very high
  • Overpriced product

4. UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller

This stroller is very new in the market named module G-LUXE stroller. It is one handed stroller designed supremely by keeping the hustle of single parent in mind. It has actuated reclining seat and adjustable footrest for the kid that will help in easy adjustability and comfortable sitting.

It has large stretchable knit canopy which has an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade for great protection from the sun and the wind. The fabrics are easily removable and washable so your kid will defiantly enjoy the long sitting.

This stroller also included with a cup holder on the side that will helps to carry essential items and has a forward oriented forward facing seat that will allow seeing the surroundings. Its foldable design allows it to stand and thus it holds a smaller portion of the space.

  • SPF 50+ canopy
  • Upgraded one step brake
  • Affordable item
  • Having individual handles on the top
  • Its canopy is extendable
  • It has limited storage capacity
  • It doesn’t fold into a compact size

5. Special Tomato EIO push chair

Special push chair

This stroller comes with a light weighted aluminum frame of only 22 pounds. It has its light mild to moderate positioning seat. The seat allows it to adjust back recline 25 to 75 degrees that will helps to make your kid more stable and secure. It will helps in long time seating of your kid.  

The footrest is adjustable from angles +15 degrees to -55 degrees that is fair enough to adjust the balance of your kid according to his comfort.

It has many other features included in it like it has a padded seat and with head pillow and a canopy on the head that will protect your kid from harmful UV rays and wind storms.

It has 5 comfort wrap harness with chest strap and shoulder pads. It also has extra luggage space for shopping basket and having water bottle packet.It has a latex-free material which is quite free from damages. It is peel and tear-resistant product.

  • Adjustable back and foot panel attached
  • Extra padded seat
  • Solid tires for rough surfaces
  • Expensive product

Buying guide

A stroller must be that much sorted in terms of use that it neither bounds your capabilities nor it compromises the comfort of your kid. It should be look like it is the best suitable for your kid. It should also cherish your parenting methods and should be suitable for every weather and roads.

It should come with such features which simplifies your daily efforts and can portray a good image of your parenting at its best way possible. There are many things more that you have to know while purchasing a stroller for your big kid.

Things to consider while buying a stroller for big kids

Weight capacity

It is highly recommended to check the weight capacity of the stroller as these strollers are highly targeting big child. Strollers can come up with a good quality of structure that it can bear good amount of weight as we are purchasing it for a big kid. So always check that your stroller must suitable to carry the weight of baby around 30 kg.


Its dimensions should be wider so that it can be fit for a physically bigger kid or apparently it should have adjustable dimensions so that your baby can easily fit into it and don’t feel discomfort.

Build quality and comfort

After all, we don’t have to neglect the ultimate purpose of the stroller and i.e. comfort and ease of your child. On the other hand, its build quality should be superior that it made up of strong material. A strong material built product is a characteristic of its durability. Apart from this, the comfort should be there for the kid. It should be padded with ultra-soft seat which provides a good comfort.

So it is highly recommended to check the reputation of brand so that we can identify the quality of products that it serves.

Fold ability

There are many brands that provides the folding option of stroller that can be easily folded into beg or in the shape of ball. It is totally your choices that what type of stroller you are looking for.

However, Its fold ability should be designed in a unique way so that it would holds less space after folding. It made its transport easier.


The wheels are responsible for maintaining the stability of stroller so its wheel should be made up of hard material with great suspension system to face any road type.


Q. What is the maximum weight capacity of a stroller?

The weight holding capacity varies from stroller to stroller. A standard sized stroller can holds up to 50 pounds of weight. Some can carry up to 75 pounds of weight also.

Q. How long do you need a stroller?

The use of a stroller depends on the age and the circumstance. Whenever the child can walk comfortably on the ground, at that time you should stop using a stroller.

Q. What is the important of double stroller?

Double strollers can accommodate two children at a time in the same stroller. Each seat in the stroller can bear a weight of 50 pounds.


The stroller must to able to show its effortlessness while using. Top from the design to its features, an ideal stroller is judged on the basis of many parameters.

It should be compatible and easy to use. Also its functionality must not be compromised with its features. The stroller should have a great adjustability and comfort.

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