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Top 10 Best Slot Car Sets for Kids Reviews in 2021

Best Slot Car sets for kids

Playing slot car sets at home is a very enjoyable activity. You can play this game in an open room which has plenty of space. Those who are not good in playing video games can easily find their fun and excitement in slot car sets.

No matter how boring your days are going; these racing car slots will definitely boost up your mood and add an Exciting level of action in your boring life.

Your kid will definitely love these racing cars slots. We have listed ten best playing slot car sets that your kid can safely play at home. Let us now discuss those car slot sets in detail.

Image Product Rating Price
AFX AFX21017 Giant MG+
Scalextric ARC One American Classic Race Track
Carrera Go!!! Race Track Set
Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set
Remoking Rail Race RC Track

10 Best Slot Car Sets for Kids Reviews

AFX AFX21017 Giant MG+

AFX AFX21017 Giant MG

This amazing product comes with digital lap counter. It also has three power settings, which gives you an amazing playing experience while having a race.

Any Beginner Who doesn’t have much experience with these kinds of games can easily operate this game. They would definitely operate this unit easily, and they will also love this game very much.

There are variable speed options provided On the game which can be controlled by wires. The presence of HO On the track can control the speed of the car. The whole track is 62 Feet long which means you are provided with a long enough track to enjoy your race and time.

Scalextric ARC One American Classic Race Track (best for wireless connectivity)

Scalextric ARC One American

Those kids who don’t want to compromise with the connectivity while playing the game should definitely buy this product from SCALEXTRIC. Tracks of this game can be Transformed into nine amazing layouts in different ways.

Also, there are different types of racing modes in this game that can be selected using app race control. All the six racing modes give you amazing racing experience while playing the game.

This is not the end of the game. There is much more for an amazing experience. You can control a number of things in the game like a pit stop, tire wear, fuel usage, lap counter, speed limiter controller, and much more.

Carrera Go!!! Race Track Set (best under $250)

Carrera Go

Another amazing and tremendous product which you can buy without any hesitation from the market. If you have this much of budget in your mind, then you can buy the most featured and advanced slot car racing set available in the market.

This is a premium product by Carrera brand which has great varieties of variants. There are amazing optional governors are added in the game so that your kid can learn a variety of things which can be assisted by the controller.

No extra accessories need to be purchased separately as you are getting everything with this package of the game. Additionally, this package of the game provides you exciting and thrilling head to head action racing experience

Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers

You have got something special in this magnificent device. You can easily change Your lane in this game with its digital slot car racing system.

You will get two amazingly designed cars made up of supreme quality material along with a stunning racing track. It’s racing tracks are pretty amazing which are designed in curvy racing shape.

This track will allow you to run up to 6 cars on the track with the support of two wired controllers for a better experience. These controllers have amazingly long lasting 9 volt batteries which allow you to experience pretty amazing game fun

Remoking Rail Race RC Track

Remoking Rail Race

Finding the best option among the available products is quite difficult in many aspects. You need to boost your imaginative power to visualize the best gaming experience which can satisfy your fun and desires.

This multi-connected racing slot car set has tons of features which can be played easily. For your better experience, two filer cars have also been added to this game to boost up your fun and excitement.

Your racing experience can be more motivated by the presence of feeder ramps in this game. These small feeder ramps can excite your kid and encourage him/her to play more.

The whole game structure is completely simple that can be assembled tension free. You will get this product at an unbelievable price; therefore we consider you to buy this product which is worth buying.

Real FX Racing Set

Real FX Racing Set

If you want a real action gaming experience, then you must buy this real FX racing set. These real racing sets are being provided at a very affordable price range.

The excellent thing in this gaming system is that this track doesn’t have any slot or Lane to overtake each other. This game has been featured by an artificial intelligence system which makes it the best available slot car set game in the market.

It is a very good option that you can gift to your kid on his or her birthday or on a specific occasion. Its premium packaging Looks brilliant as a surprise gift or a birthday present.

It is a very good option that you can buy to experience a realistic game in an affordable price range that is worth buying.

Peradix Car Race Track

Peradix Car Race Track

We have listed this product With the third position in our list. It’s very easy to assemble. It is manufactured by a reputed company named Paradix Brand.

This product is available at a very good price range which gives you amazing action racing experience and quality time to play with your kids in your free time.

This game allows you to shift between the single and double track very easily. The tracks and accessories are made up of high-quality premium material which is completely safe for your kids to play in an open space.

The tracks have been equipped with nickel-plated steel bearings, Which gives better traction for greater control. Apart from this, the car take’s only 15 minutes to charge fully and then it is ready to race on the tracks.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

If you want technology to be utilized in a very great way, then you must go for this another amazing product named ANKI Overdrive Starter kit. This product can be transformed into a modern battlefield racing track very quickly.

This is one of the Best car slot set available in the market for kids which can be transformed into eight different types of tracks. Furthermore, you won’t believe that mobile devices can control the cars on the tracks.

Also, the tracks can be modified or expanded by adding an extra set to make it interesting and playing the racing game with more fun. Unbelievably this product comes in a very great price range which offers Charging system and tire cleaners along with premium packaging.

Max Traxxx RC Loop Track Set (best with undercarriage lights)

Max Traxxx RC Loop

If you are very much eager to take your racing experience to the next level and assume a completely different racing experience, then This is a perfect choice to buy from ‘Max Traxxx.’

A glowing race track is offered by the Max Traxxx to ensure the high-speed racing boost in the dark. The undercarriage lights look so good while playing the game. This light adds a glorious outlook to the racing tracks.

This product comes in a very affordable price range which has a top speed of 500 miles per hour. This much of speed is quite superb in this price range. This toy has also won the ‘Toy portfolio platinum award.

DMX Slots Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package

DMX Slots Exclusive

You will get four supreme sports cars made up of premium quality material to race on the amazing tracks of this product. This gaming package will be the best option to choose from the available packages.

Four different players can enjoy the racing experience of this game simultaneously to boost up the enjoyment and excitement level of the game. There will be super fast cars available in this product.

The price range of this product is not so costly. The tracks of the game are 18 feet long, which means it will provide you a greater and longer experience of a thrilling racing game full of action and fun.

The game has been manufactured with new technology in which all the four players can change the lane on the tracks simultaneously and very easily.

Things to Consider While Buying Slot Car Race Sets

There are a lot of things that need to be considered while buying a slot car race set. Important things that will help you to make intelligent decisions in buying a smart product. Let us now have a short look over those important points.

1. Compatibility

You need to choose that product which is very much compatible with the other players. It means the racing experience must be thrilling as well as easy to understand the controllers of the game.

2. Warranty

Some time it is very wise to check which things of the product are under warranty. You need to take a look at its return and replace policies before buying the product.

3. Accessories set

Go for that product, which has maximum accessories that are provided additionally with the product. This will boost up the level of joy and excitement among the players.

4. Track style

The most important point which needs to be considered is that you need to check the best available track style in the market to get best racing experience.

5. Size

The size must be good enough to fit in your available vacant space of the room so that your kid won’t get any kind of trouble or discomfort while playing the game.


This slot car race set is the most exciting and energetic game available in the market to play with your young kids in your free time at your home.

You can choose any of the product that is listed above according to your budget and preferences. All the products are best in their performance and build quality according to their price range.

You can choose the product on the basis of track lengths, additional accessories, technology, design of the tracks, etc.

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