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5 Best Salt Brands to Buy in 2020

Best salt brand reviews

“All Dishes and recipes are incomplete without salt”

So need to check many things while choosing the best salt brand. There are many types of salt available like table salt, processed salt and sea salt but we have to choose the one that batter suits our taste and preference. Along with the type of salt, there are many things that you need to consider while choosing the best salt in the market.

In this article, we are covering the best salt brand in the market along with an in-depth buying guide that will help to choose the best option in the market.

So let’s start with buying Guide

Image Product Rating Price
San Francisco Salt Company Fleur de Se
San Francisco Salt Co’s Sherpa
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
Bitterman Large Flake Salt
Meldon Sea Salt Flakes

How to choose best Salt Brand in the Market?

Choosing the right salt brand is not easy as it is the only thing that we use most in our recipes. Before that, you need to refine the purpose of using that salt. So here we will list out the purpose and also recommend the most appropriate salt for that purpose.

Salt for Fruit Sweeter

Salt will batter the taste of fruits and that’s why it is mostly used on the fruits. The sea salt helps to add the sweetness and new flavor to your fruits. Most of the people prefer watermelon for using salt. Along with taste, salt also helps to make the digestion properly.

Salt Prevent Discoloration

The other purpose of salt, as you need to put a little salt on the dish while serving as it will not only improve the taste of that food but also helps to change the color and make it look fresh.

Beauty Spa Treatment

When it comes to the body, then natural salt is one of the best natural treatments. You just need to put a little amount of salt in your water while bathing as it will help to improve your blood flow as well as relax your muscles. Along with this, it also helps to remove the dirt from your skin and make your skin glowing and dirt-free throughout the day.

Socking Out Water

If you want to sock the water from your vegetable than seawater will defiantly perform its task as it will soak up the water without making a change in the taste of that dish.

Types of Salt

The actual taste of salt is not only salty but also sour and sweet. It totally depends upon your personal choice and preference. So here we have listed down the type of salt along with their taste.

Type of Salt according to Base ingredients

According to base ingredients there are two types of salt i.e. rock salt and sea salt. The most common difference in both of them is that one is saltier than another.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is the natural salt that directly comes from the sea. In this, seawater is mixed with salt so people extract the salt from seawater.  As it comes from the sea, it includes more minerals than rock salt.

Rock Salt

It is another form of sea salt as the seawater makes a deposit of forming salt deposit. After some time salt crystallized and makes in the form of rock. After that, people heat them up and extract the salt from that deposit.

Generally sea salt have light blushing color and saltier than sea salt as it contain more sodium.

Type of Salt according to Process

Sun Dried Salt

The formation of the salt is due to drying out by the sun that’s why it is called sun dried salt. This particular salt type includes the highest amount of minerals so it is good for health and your skin.

Process: Pump water from sea and make it dry with the help of sun and wind.

Processed Salt

This salt is processed and manufactured in the factory so that’s why it loose up the number of minerals in the process. Factory adds the minerals again but it makes the taste of this little bitter.

The processed salt will remove the toxic elements from the salt and includes the whiteness as it looks pure and ready for the packaging to deliver in the market.

Process: The artificial heat and air is given to the sea water to make the process faster.

Table Salt

It is the another level of processed salt and sun dried salt as the sun dried salt washed with brine but the only difference is that the nutrients are not going to added back after it proceed once. The table salt contains very less nutrition value.

5 Best Salts to Buy Online in 2020

1. San Francisco Salt Fleur de Se

San Francisco Salt

San Francisco Fleur de Se is contains everything including pure white shade and that’s the reason we are mentioning this salt on number one position.

The best thing about the salt is that it doesn’t include any color ingredients so you can use it in any dish you want. Other than this, it comes with a wooden scoop that helps to measure the perfect scoop.

The salt is certified Kosher by a French agency that mostly know for their purity and excellence in their field. It comes in a beautiful glass jar so you can also gift it to your cook loving friend.

The company provides 100% satisfaction guarantee so in case if you have any issue after the purchase you can reach out the company directly.

2. San Francisco Salt Co’s Sherpa (Two in One Salt) 

San Francisco Salt Co’s Sherpa

It is the most common brand in salt industry and that’s why we are mentioning another product of this brand on number two slot.

The salt includes good amount of minerals that increase the taste as well as good for your health. The salt will flavor up your flood with its delicious salty taste.

The best thing about this salt is that it can be use in your bath tub and enhance your skin glow and smoothness. So if you are looking for all in one salt package then it is best option to look out.

3. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Diamond crystal kosher salt is the most common name among all the chefs in the most reputed restaurants. This natural salt is very tasty so it will helps to change the taste of your food and make it more delicious and loving.

According to the chefs “This is mostly used as a bulk salt for pasta in potato water and when we need to throw in a quart of salt somewhere”

Along with this, the salt comes with exceptional texture for precision that makes it different from rest of the salt with the same price tag.

4. Bitterman Large Flake Salt

Bitterman Large Flake Salt

It is another best recommendation in our bucket list. It is the most pure and unrefined natural salt that is made with sun evaporation process that simply means that this salt is enriched with minerals.

It is full of crunch and suits on everything from desserts to avocado toast. Along with this, the salt is certified kosher for the purity and quality and also free from fossil fuel that means it is 100% environment friendly.

5. Meldon Sea Salt Flakes

Meldon Sea Salt

Meldon is another popular salt brand mainly known for its shape and texture. The salt contains pyramid shape of crystals that is what you need for finishing a dish.

The pyramid shape texture not only looks great but also prevent from craking and clumping. The salt is mainly known for the soft crunch and clean taste that makes the proper balance between the natural minerals.

So if you want the taste of classical cocktail to the next level then you should try this salt.


Now it’s time for the selection.

We have mentioned the different salt for the people having variety of choice and preference so you have to choose the best salt according to your choice and preference but before that you have to decide that what type of taste you are excepting from your salt.

So if you have any query regarding this article, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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