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5 Best Portable Bath Steps 2021 [Reviews]

Best portable bath steps

Bathroom safety for the elderly or especially able people is a matter of concern for family to look after them carefully by providing safety measures. Thus the portable bath steps are the excellent tools for elderly or especially able people to avoid the risks and injuries.

It helps them getting in and out the bathroom safe and easy with confidence.

So if you’re little bit confused to choose between the suitable portable bath steps, then don’t worry, we’re here to provide you the best portable bath steps that will helps to choose the best available option in the market.

Image Product Rating Price
The Drive Medical Portable Bath Steps
The Ideaworks Porable Bath Steps
The North American Healthcare Bath Step
The Duro-Med Handled Step Stool
North American Portable Folding Bath

5 Best Portable Bath Steps

The safe and sturdy portable bath steps are well textured, having non-slippery base and also having a soft curved safety handle which helps us to maintain our balance.

Let us now discuss in the detail regarding the different types of portable bath steps. It will also helps in analyzing the appropriate suitable bath step for your bathroom. We will be able to elaborate and understand more about the usability of the portable bath steps accordingly after reading this article.

1. The Drive Medical Portable Bath Steps

Drive Medical

This drive medical portable bath step helps the people to get in and out of the bathroom and bathtub easily and safe. It comes with a slip- resistant base which gives it a super stability from the bottom. The proper stability from the base is a must require condition for the portable bath steps as there is a wet surface in the bathroom most of the time.

Besides it sleek and elegant design, buyers are much more convinced with its features of removable covers. It means it comes with removable covers which allow it for stacking multiple steps when you need a higher height in use. The ordinary height is of 4 inches, but when you add an additional part, it increases its height by 2 inches more.

It can be used hassle free both inside and outside the bathtub which gives an effortlessly experience to get in and get out of the bathtub easily. It is made up of a superior plastic build quality thus very much light weighted and can bear a heavy weight.

  • Light weight due to its plastic builds material
  • It can hold a lot of weightVersatile according to its useSafe
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • Attractive slip resistant textured
  • finish removable covers on the surfaces in stacking
  • Overpriced
  • some people might not find it sturdy

2. The Ideaworks Porable Bath Steps


This ideal bath step adds almost 4 inches to your step. It has a sleek modular design that comes with superb finishing. It provides secure stacking when you add more to the primary 4 inches portable bath step. Every additional step gives you 2 inches more of it.

Its build quality and textured is so much comfy which enhance it’s safely measurements. Its rubber build material provides a superb stability which reduces the risk of slipping.

It is so much durable that it can be used for so many years. Many people use it apparently in other areas also. Some take its use in the gym, while some take it to assist them for getting in and out of the big size SUVs. This shows their hopes for this bathtub in a wider perspective.

  • Strongly and solidly build
  • It can hold over 400 pound of weight on it
  • Easy in stacking
  • Rubber soft textured on top
  • Versatility in its use
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Small in size

3. The North American Healthcare Bath Step

North American Healthcare

This North American healthcare bath step is unique in its own way due to its increased surface area. Also it is designed with a supportive handlebar. It is built with safety measures keeping in mind. It increases user safety and independence entering and leaving a bathtub.

It has nicely built slip-resistant textured with extra surface area. This portable bath step comes with extra supportive features for the users that it provides lock-in safety in the handrail. It helps in providing extra stability and in maintaining the balance.

Its steel built quality can provide an excess durability and compatibility. It can holds over 550 pounds of weight because of its strong steel built quality. The slip-resistant rubber feet make it more stable stronger and safer from the bottom.

  • Made up of strong sturdy steel material
  • Hold over 550 pound of weight
  • Handrail provides extra safety and support
  • Larger surface area
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Product is overpriced
  • Screw holes do not fits properly sometimes

4. The Duro-Med Handled Step Stool

Duro-Med Handled Step

It is not only limited to the bathroom section. It can be used in various other areas also. It is great for kitchens, workroom and offices.

It has a tall fit foamed grip handle on the top. It increases its stability and comfort for the user.

It has long slip-resistant textured bottom with rubber feet. It provides strong and supportive stability to the user. Its sturdy handrail provides more support than any other handrail.

Its build quality and design provides extra safety measures with its well-made and well-balanced features.

  • Easier to reach objects which are far and hard to reach
  • Strong tabular construction on the top
  • Generously sized non-slip step
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Extended leg design prevents it from wobbling
  • Fairly heavy to shift
  • Screw didn’t line up somewhere properly

5. North American Portable Folding Bath Steps

It is a strong portable folding step made up of strong plastic material.

It is not only an indoor tool for measuring safe step inside the bathroom, but it is also being used at the outdoor areas. Buyers liking its superb foldable plastic build quality.

It is ideal for stepping into you bid size cars and SUVs bathtub or the doorway in your house. Its 4 inches of folding step cuts your climbing efforts in the half every time.

Its easy folding design encourages easy portability and storability in the house or anywhere you want to take it with you. Its non-slip grip and its large platform provide a simple and safer step. This step has a capacity over 300 pounds to hold weight on it.

  • Lightweighted
  • Superior plastic build quality
  • Easy and simple stepping
  • Foldable and portability
  • Stable and safe stepping
  • Not stable on rough surfaces
  • more challenging to close


We hope this article will defiantly help in choosing the best portable bath steps in the market. So make your decision based upon the quality and performance of the product.

If you have any issue with the article then feel free to mention in the comment section of the article.

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