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10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners In 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best magnetic window cleaner

Every house owner dreams of having a clean, spotless home free from germs. To achieve this dream, they either have to work for it themselves or hire someone to do the house cleaning. Whichever option they decide to go for, it is not an easy task.

The windows are a part of the house and are often very difficult to clean. This is because they get dirty quickly, due to dust from outside. Therefore, people need a tool that will help in cleaning the windows and make them look gorgeous. Hence the need for a  magnetic window cleaner.

The tool consists of magnets, strings, and a handle used in cleaning the windows from inside and outside. So in this article, we will provide the list of the best magnetic window cleaners. We would also discuss their features and buying guide.

Image Product Rating Price
Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner
KOKITEA Magnetic Window Cleaner
CHARMINER Magnetic Window Cleaner
East H400 Magnetic Window Cleaner
East V12 Magnetic Window Cleaner

What is Magnetic Window Cleaner?

Magnetic window cleaner, also known as magnetic washer, is used for washing the windows and the glass inserted in them.

The tool is made up of plastic and consists of two sides. One of its sides has a magnet, while the other side has a handle. There are also strings found in the machine used to hold the magnet and prevent it from falling. 

They are of different sizes so people can purchase anyone as per their requirement. They need to check the size of windows in their home and make a purchase accordingly.

However, you can also use the tool for cleaning any window type, whether it is a single glass or double glass window.

Now let us look at some of the best cleaners we can use for cleaning the window.

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners (Our Picks)

1. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D4 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright

The Glider D4 Magnetic Window Cleaner comes with a strong magnet, and it can clean single, double, and triple glazed windows. The thickness of the windows can be in the range of 0.1 inches and 1.6 inches. You can adjust the knobs of the Glider D4 as per your requirement. So you can clean the outside portion of the window while sitting inside your room.

Besides, you can also clean those portions of the windows with ease, which are difficult to reach. The window cleaner comes with microfiber cloths, which are two in number. They will clean the window and give it a shine.

Regarding specifications, the product comes with two ultra-soft absorbent cloths. The strong magnet gives the power to the tool to absorb all the dust and dirt from the windows. The weight of the product is 1KG, and it is available in red color.

  • Can clean thick widows
  • Has ultra soft knobs
  • Has a long life
  • Cleaning triple glazed windows is a bit difficult

2. KOKITEA Double-Sided Window Cleaner

KOKITEA Double-Sided

The KOKITEA Double-Sided Window Cleaner comes in a triangular shape. This shape aids you in cleaning the corners of the window quickly. You can rotate the tool in a direction that you will not feel any pain while cleaning the window. It is double-sided and has a strong magnet available on each side.

Furthermore, there are six sponges in the cleaner, and a water storage facility is also available. Hence, you need not dip the cleaner in water and clean the window. The windows having a thickness of 0.1 inches to 3 inches can be easily cleaned using this double-sided window cleaner.

Regarding its specifications, the cleaner weighs 1.98 pounds and has the size of 6.38 x 6.06 x 5.24 inches. The product is manufactured using ABS plastic, and it also has a squeegee made up of rubber.

  • Six large sponges for cleaning
  • Water storage facility
  • Powerful magnet on both sides
  • Practice is needed to use the tool

3. CHARMINER Magnetic Window Cleaner


The CHARMINER Magnetic Window Cleaner is one of the best cleaners to clean window glasses. If your window has a thickness of 10mm to 18mm, this window cleaner is for you. You need to add the detergent to the tool and then start cleaning the windows. The cleaner will work better when you move it slowly in all directions. 

The product is double-sided, and a powerful magnet is available on each side of the tool.  Another feature of the magnetic window cleaner is the presence of a water storage facility. This facility will resolve the problem of dipping the cleaner in the water repeatedly and cleaning the window. The wiper has a triangular design so you can clean corners easily.

If we talk about specifications, the tool is made using strong ABS plastic and latex rubber. Besides, an anti-falling rope is also available, which you can tie to your hand. This rope will prevent the falling of the tool. The tool is red and has a size of 16cm x 12.5cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm.

  • Best to clean glasses at higher floors
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Slow movement give best results
  • Fast movement will leave the window dirty

4. East H400 Magnetic Window Cleaner

East H400 Magnetic

East H400 Magnetic Window Cleaner is an easy-to-use device that allows you to clean the outside portion of the window while sitting inside the room. You only need to wipe the glass, and after some time, you will see that your window is shining.

The product has been manufactured by using ABS plastic along with ferrite and rubber. People need not fear high altitude as they can clean the window while living on any floor. The cleaner can clean windows of great thickness.

Additionally, a safety rope is also available that you can use to tie the cleaner so that it does not fall from height. The gear present in the product helps in cleaning the window at a fast pace.

  • Cleaning is fast, easy, and safe
  • Durable product
  • Can clean thick windows easily
  • Heavy weight can create problems

5. East V12 Magnetic Window Cleaner

East V12 Magnetic

East V12 Magnetic Window Cleaner is for people who live on high floors. You may see your windows dirty from the outside, but you do not have the option of cleaning them. You can use this product and clean the outside portion of the windows, which may have a thickness from 3mm to 28mm.

Furthermore, the cleaner has a magnet on each side of the product. It is powerful and can absorb dust and dirt easily. The manufactures use ABS plastic, rubber, and Ferrite, to make this East V12 Magnetic Window Cleaner.

Besides, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund. The company has around 30 years of experience in making all such products.

Regarding specifications, the cleaner has a size of 6.89 x 4.13 x 3.35 inches and weight is 1.53 pounds. The East V12 cleaner has two sides, and each of them has a powerful magnet.

  • The product is durable
  • Has powerful magnet
  • Light in weight
  • Not suitable to clean three glazed windows

6. LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner

LvDD Double-sided

LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner is a cleaning tool, which you can use to clean only single glazed windows. The thickness of the window should be between 5mm and 12mm. If you live on the upper floor of a building, you can clean the outside part of the window without leaving your room.

If you try to clean thick glass with this window cleaner, it will not work correctly and may fall. The material that is used to make the cleaner is ABS plastic.  You can easily replace the cotton of the double-sided window cleaner when it becomes dirty.

An anti-falling rope of 1m is also available with this tool. The rope has to be tied with the hand so that the product does not fall and so you can safely do the cleaning.

  • Durable product
  • Powerful magnet
  • Cotton can be replaced easily
  • Fit for only single glazed window

7. Bracon Window Cleaner

Bracon Window

Do you want to clean the outside portion of the window without leaving the room? Then the Bracon window cleaner is for you. The cleaner can clean windows with thickness between 3mm and 8mm.

Furthermore, the absorption power of the product is great so, you can see your window glass shining after the completion of cleaning. The product has been made using plastic of high quality.  In addition, the triangular design of the Bracon window cleaner will help you clean the corners of the window easily and safely.

If we talk about specifications, the tool has been developed with ABS plastic, and it is silver in color. The size of the product is 6.3*5.3*2.8 inches, so you can hold and use it easily.

  • Cleaning the windows is easy
  • Strong absorption power
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Can clean only thin windows

8. East V10 Double-Sided Window Cleaner

East V10

East V10 double-sided window cleaner has two sides, and each side consists of a powerful magnet. With this, you can clean the outside portion of your window while sitting inside the room. 

The absorption force of the window cleaner is high so it will bring shine to your windows. The magnet is also powerful, so you will not have to worry about the product during cleaning. Both the sides of the product are attached strongly. Besides, the product is friendly to the environment.

You can move the tool in all directions to clean the window. Therefore, the double-sided window cleaner is suitable for those window glasses whose thickness is between 0.11 inches and 1.26 inches.

  • Friendly to the environment
  • Long life
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Not suitable for triple glazed windows

9. Yosoo Square Shape Double-Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Yosoo Square

Yosoo Square Shape Double-Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner has been developed by using a quality material called ABS plastic. Extra cleaning cotton is also available with the package. So if you feel that the cotton attached to the tool is dirty, you can replace it with the cotton provided with the package.

You can also find a safety cord, which you can tie to your hand so that the product does not fall while cleaning. For effectiveness, a powerful magnet is on each side of the window cleaner.

You should move the cleaner slowly so it can absorb all the dust and dirt and make your window shining. Besides windows, you can also clean your fish tank, mirror, shower screens, and other things.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Availability of safety cord
  • Easy to use
  • Can clean windows whose thickness is less than 6mm

10. SXDY Magnetic Window Cleaner

SXDY Magnetic

SXDY Magnetic Window Cleaner is a double-sided window cleaner, which comes in a triangular shape. You can clean the inside and outside portion of the window simultaneously with this product. You may be living on any floor; still, you can use the product conveniently and safely. 

To use this product, you need to dip it into the water-containing detergent. Afterward, attach both sides from inside and outside. Then you can move the cleaner to clean the window. You can clean narrow areas and corners easily using the cleaner. 

Furthermore, the product sponge is large; hence, you can clean the windows within very little time. A water storage facility is also available, so dipping the window cleaner repeatedly is not required.

  • Large sponges
  • Powerful magnet
  • No risk while cleaning
  • Not fit for cleaning triple glazed windows

Things to consider while buying Magnetic Window Cleaner

Buying a perfect magnetic window cleaner is not an easy task; hence, you have to check against several factors while buying. So here are some points that will help you pick out the best available option in the market.


The size of the cleaner has variations depending on the model and the company that has manufactured the product. Hence, the larger, the cleaner, the faster it can clean the window. The effort and the time taken to clean the window will be less.  People should ensure that the size is not too big, as working with it can become a problem.

Magnet Strength

The main component of a magnetic window cleaner is a magnet. The power of the magnet decides the usefulness of the product. Usually, they are very powerful; hence, it attaches easily to the window even if the thickness of the window glass is in the range of 3mm and 8mm or more. If the magnet is weak, the tool will be able to clean only the thin window glasses.


You should always think of the price before purchasing a window cleaner. The product is available in various sizes, and they are made with different materials. However, we recommend you get one, which is durable and comes under your budget. People should also check the size as the price will depend on it too.

Safety Feature

It is also essential you ensure that the product is safe and secure during usage. The tool comes with magnets and strings present on both sides of the product; you attach them during the cleaning process. Buyers should therefore ensure that the strings are sturdy so that the magnets do not fall.


Magnetic window cleaner works either with electricity or with a battery. If it works with electricity, then the cord should be long enough so that cleaning can be convenient. Some people prefer wireless products; however, they need to charge the battery to ensure the product works perfectly.


People need to choose such a cleaner that is durable and provides its services for a long time. So people should purchase the one that is manufactured by using high-quality material. Usually, these products are made up of high-quality plastic. People also need to ensure that the product is convenient to use.


Many companies provide magnetic window cleaner, and they also give a good warranty, which can be from a few months to a few years. The product warranty depends on the materials used and the company that is offering the product.


There are many questions that people may have in their minds. Some of them are answered below.

Q1. Is it good to purchase a magnetic window cleaner?

Yes, a Magnetic window cleaner is fantastic for people living on the first, second, or higher floor. If the window of their house is dirty, they can easily clean it with the tool.

Q2. How does the tool work?

You should dip the tool in soap water and clean the window starting from both sides. After that, use a squeegee to remove the water and make the window dry.

Q3. Can windows on high floors be cleaned easily?

Yes, you can clean windows on the top floors easily. And you can do the cleaning from inside the room.

Q4. What should be the frequency of cleaning the window?

If the house is in such a place where there is dust or smoke, the frequency can be monthly or quarterly.


A magnetic window cleaner is a great tool available in the online and offline market at an affordable price. It is useful in cleaning the window from inside and outside simultaneously.

Currently, several companies manufacture these tools and make them available in the market. This can be confusing as we might not know what best product to purchase.  

Consequently, we believe this article will help you in choosing the best Magnetic Window Cleaners. We also hope the buying guide will help to refine your purchasing decision.

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