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6 Best Hot Pot Cookers in 2020

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The most enjoyable moments in life happen on the dining table with your friends or family members. The serving is the most essential task when you have made spicy and delicious food and for that you need the best hot pot that will make your work easy.

The hot pot is the most essential utensil that you must have on your dining table. Although it is the part of Asian cooking style now it is getting its popularity all over the world.

You have to decide whether you want an electrical option or nonelectrical option, the choice depends upon your choice or personal preference.

So here we will review 6 best hot pots that will make your task easy and help in surveying your delicious food on the dining table.

Image Product Rating Price
Aroma House wares
Dezin Electric Hot Pot
 Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet Electric Skillet
MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
Ceramic Coated Hot Pot
Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl

3 Best Electric Hot Pot Cookers

1. Aroma House waresA

Aroma House

Aroma is the most trusted brand in the electric hot pot industry. This hot pot fits easily on your dining table and makes your food more delicious and impressive. It is 3 in one cooking pot as it helps in cooking, grilling and steaming.

The glass lid helps to see the performance in between the running process. The best thing about the hot pot is that you don’t worry about messing that can cause while grilling. This dishwasher safe hot pot is very easy to clean so you don’t need to worry about cleaning.

It allows you to adjust the cooking temperature 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit that allows boiling your soup and the heat distribution mechanism helps to provides heat in each and every corner of the pot.

2. Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

If you are looking for a premium quality stainless steel option then Dezin is the only option that you are looking for. It has capacity if 1.6 liter that helps in every task like boiling eggs or making pasta.

It is the best daily use hot pot from which you can start your day schedule. The best thing about this product is that it features energy-saving feature that helps to save a lot of energy.

It allows you to control the temperature according to the requirement. In order to take care of safety, it stabilizes the temperature between 75 to 80 degree and if you want to prefer multi-tasking while cooking then you can lower down temperature accordingly.

Not only for self-purpose, even if you are looking for giving a gift to someone then you can go with this option. Trust me! You will never regret your decision.

3. Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet Electric Skillet

 Zojirushi EP-PBC10

It is another great recommendation in our buying list. If you are looking for all in one solution and want something even for both grilling and frying then it is the most appropriate option to go with.

In this electric skillet you can cook everything of your choice as it comes with a precise controlling features that will adjust the temperature accordingly. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel that ensures the durability of the product.

The adjustable range is from 175 to 430 F, It basically depends upon the recipe that you are cooking on it. Other than this, the pot comes in the standard size that will allow you to carry easily.

3 Best Non Electric Hot Pots

1. MyLifeUNIT Shabu Hot Pot

MyLifeUNIT Shabu

It is the most common hotpot that you will find in restaurants and cafes. This stainless steel leaker is induction friendly and you can easily use it on any stove. The stove is perfectly welded that prevents the leakage.

The hot pot is light weighted so you can carry easily. In order to provide perfect heat to your food, the base bottom is made with fast heating conduction technology.

This nonsticky hot pot is 12 inches in diameter and comes with a great thickness of bottom that is perfect for family and friends serving.

2. Ceramic Coated Hot Pot

Ceramic Coated Hot Pot

The Cermic coated hot pot is another great recommendation in our top buying list.

The hot pot comes with a divider interior that equally divides the hot pot space in two equal areas. This high performance and nonsticky pot will make your cooking easy and effortless.

The divider molding technology makes it unique from other hot pot of same price tag. Other than this, it comes with die-casting aluminum body that ensures fast and equal heat distribution.

It comes with a great design that looks attractive and catchy while serving your guest. The anti-scald technology will maintain the temperature up to 220℃-280℃.

3. Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl

Crazy Korean Cooking

If you are looking for clay made bowl then it is the most appropriate product for you.

The bowl is fee from lead, cadmium and arsenic that enhances the natural glaze to this pot. The best part is that you can put this directly on your stovetops and heat up space equally.

These bowls is made up of premium clay that ensures durability and builds the quality of the product.


So these are the best hot pots available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your choice and use but make sure that you have to choose the option that suits your need and criteria of selection.

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