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5 Best Erasers Reviews in 2020

Best erasers

The mistake on the piece of paper is the general thing and if it is done through pencil than you can correct it using the best eraser.

You need such an eraser that will clean effectively and efficiently. So in this article we are going to review the best erasers in the market that clean the pencil wording without harming your paper. Along with this, we will also provide you a guide that clear all your doubts and query regarding eraser.

So let’s start with the reviews first.

Image Product Rating Price
Tombow Eraser for Ink and Pencil Sand
Sakura 50259 Eraser
Hi-Polymer Block Eraser
STAEDTLER Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser
Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers

Best Eraser Reviews in 2020

1. Tombow Eraser for Ink and Pencil Sand

Tombow Eraser

It is the most effective eraser in our buying list as it has two different sides including sand and eraser and that’s the reason we are placing it on number one position.

The rubber can erase anything including a pencil, colored pen, watercolor and glue. The eraser partly comprised of sand as we have covered earlier that on one end of the eraser is classic rubber and on another end there is sand. Although the sand portion is more effective for erasing we can’t underestimate another end.

If you are using it on the card stock than you need to use it very calmly as the harsh push can cause darkness on the piece of paper.

2.  Sakura 50259 Eraser

Sakura 50259 Eraser

It is another best recommendation in our buying list.

If you are looking for the option that will remove graphite marks at a very reasonable price than it is the most recommended option for you. It is the budget eraser that actually works on all type of paper.

The Pen cell foam technology and hybrid matrix formula will help to erase the marks easily and smoothly. The best thing of the eraser is that it’s black in color and that’s why it will stay clean after cleaning a full-size page. The eraser is made up of soft material so it will not get hard on the piece of paper.

3. Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

As the name suggests the eraser is made up of high-quality polymer that will don’t affect your paper even after a rough erase. It is the small and blocks size eraser that will clean the paper easily and also easy to carry on a daily basis.

The eraser is latex-free and comes with rounded an edge that provides batter appearance to this eraser. Other than this, the eraser has sharp edges and corners that will surely initiate you’re buying decision. Although the price of the eraser is a little higher than other erasers it’s all worthy of all these features.

4. STAEDTLER Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser

STAEDTLER Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser

Staedtler provides a premium quality vinyl eraser that provides mind-blowing cleaning experience without harming your paper.

The eraser is packaged with a protective wrapper and sleeve that provides the best handling. The eraser is Phthalate and latex free that will helps in smooth cleaning.

It comes with sharp corners that are most effective for cleaning the small areas on the paper.

The eraser is most effective for stencil colors, pencil color and pencil. So if you are looking for the option that will not leave any mark or blackness even after cleaning then it is the most appropriate option to go with.

5. Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers

If you are looking for the most affordable option that pink pearl eraser is the most appropriate suggestion for you.

The eraser is 100% latex-free that will keep your paper in new condition. The eraser is most effective for exams or any daily writing stuff. The eraser contains quite a sharp corner and flat face that will provide easy grip and covers every detail of the page.

No matter wheatear you are a student or serious artist, you will defiantly love the performance and the material that is added in this eraser.

How to choose best eraser in the market?

The question here arises that how to identify the best eraser?

There are several things that make an eraser best. So check the below list and choose the eraser according to your choice and preference.

Smooth erasing

It is the most important thing to consider while buying any eraser. You need to make sure that your eraser will clear up the things with a smooth hand. You don’t need to push or rub harshly for removing the thing.


The shape of the eraser will help to make it last for a long period of time. You must choose the eraser that will fit in the pen case so that you can carry along with you. So choose the shape of the eraser according to your personal preference and requirement.

Shaving Issue

It is another issue that might face after purchasing an erase. In order to get rid of this issue, you must choose the eraser that whose shaving clump will neatly roll into a ball.


So here are the best eraser recommendations for you. It’s your turn to buy the most suitable option in the above list but make sure that your eraser must fit in the criteria of selection if you want to choose the best option available in the market.

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