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Best Colored Pencil in 2020

best colored pencil

An artist is known by the art of creating texture and that can be only with great selection of colors. He always has a set of colors that will shine up his coloring art and colored pencil is one of the appropriate options to color.

If you are in the field since a long time then you must be aware about Faber-Castell  brand that is doing amazing in manufacturing colored pencils. So here we will list out some of the alternate that are working great.     

So here we will review 5 best colored pencils that will take your art work to the very next level and along with this we will also consider the factors that you must look after while buying a colored pencil so that you can choose the best alternative options available in the market.

Image Product Rating Price
Prismacolor Premier
Derwent Artist Watercolor Colored Pencils
Crayola Colored Pencils

5 Best Colored Pencils

1. Prismacolor Premier


The Prismacolor primer provides smooth coloring along with ultimate artwork experience and that’s the reason we are placing it on the number one position. It is a great option for beginners as it provides smooth and softcore that will make your ease while doing the craft.

The value and tone of the pencil is just amazing. The core is little soft so it will not break even with a little heavy load. The soft and thick core is the most essential requirement of pencil color and this is all what you get in this pencil color box.

It comes with a 150 colored pencils that come in super quality storage that will give an attractive and catchy appearance.

2. Derwent Artist Watercolor Colored Pencils

Derwent Artist Watercolor

If you are looking for pencil work that will helps in crafting fine lines or detailed work then Derwent watercolor colored pencil is the most appropriate option to consider.

It comes with 72 watercolor pencils along with vibrant sharp color that will takes your artwork to the very next level. The dye based lead is most required option for the people who don’t want the softness in the artwork and for those who want sharp color effects.

You have to mix the water to create interesting flaws and shades. So you can mold these colors according to your own preference and requirement. Along with this, it comes in a beautiful wooden box so you can also gift to your art lover friend or family member.



If you are looking for ultimate value option than Pluqis colored pencil is the best option to go with. It comes with professional-grade pencil color set that will enhance your artwork skill and refine your art at the very same time.

It is the most affordable option that comes with a premium grade quality so if you have little high budget then you can buy two or three sets of Pluqis colored pencil.

The set includes a huge range of rich colors that can be sharpening easily and smoothly without any inter mid braking. Along with this, it doesn’t includes any toxic elements so this is very safe for kids to use.



The standtler colored pencil is another great recommendation in our bucket list.

It includes 24 set of colored pencils that have soft and slim core that will enhance your artwork. The huge variety of color option includes display creamy color that is perfect for giving light shade to your drawing.

The best thing about these colors is that it comes with non slip grip and smooth gripping that allows you to complete a long drawing session without any effect on your finger veins.

The 24 colors include a light, dark and creamy shade that provides a huge variety of coloring choice.

5. Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

This pack of 36 colors allows you to enhance your art skill for detailed work and if you are working on highly creative projects then this is the must have option for you.

The pencil colors are made up with reforested wood that provide durability and amazing build quality. The package include 36 bright colors with a clean and smooth lay out that will defiantly provides you an amazing artwork experience.

Crayola is mostly known for its performance in deep artwork so if you are going to do something creative or deep then you must go with it as the variet and durability of these pencil colors will never make you regret on your purchasing decision.

Things to consider while buying a professional level colored Pencil

Choosing a right pencil color is not an easy task, you have look at several things like cost, durability and many other things that makes it best. So here we will cover every aspect so that you can choose the best option available in the market.

1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing here refers to the brand of that pencil color as there are so many brands available in the market with different qualities. So you have to choose the best one because the company that is on the top must take care of his reputation and will defiantly provides you the product that is more durable and have every quality that you expect from a pencil color.

2. Price

There are many options available in the market that offers the best options at different prices although there is nothing special that you may expect with a pencil color but make sure that you must choose the most affordable deal among the several options.

3. Oil-based

The decision of choosing oil based color is totally depends upon the artwork and shade that you want to draw. The oil based colors provides rich effect that will helps in deep and dark shade craft. They are different from other wax bounded pencil so choose them according to your artwork or personal preference.


So here we have covered best pencil colors with a detailed and informative guide so it’s time to choose the one that pass your criteria of selection and refine your artwork. If you have anything to ask then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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