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10 Best Bottleless Water Cooler Reviews in 2021

Best Bottleless Water Cooler

Drinking fresh and pure electrolyte water plays a vital role in our daily life. It is very necessary to ensure the quality and purity of water that we are drinking for a fit and healthy life.

However people with busy lifestyles always underestimate the role of quality water in their life but now onwards, they don’t need to worry as we are having a wide collection of growing water dispensers.

This premium water coolers can be seen at a hospital or at the workplace in offices. Many doctors recommend this type of water cooler to be taken into account at home also.

If you are spending thousands of bucks on packaged chilled drinking water bottles or on a refrigerator just to get a sip of cold water, then these water coolers will defiantly help you a lot.

Get ready to purchase the best bottleless water cooler which would deliver you fresh Coldwater just on the go.

Choose from the wide variety of bottleless water coolers reviewed below.

Image Product Rating Price
Comfee Mini Countertop Water Cooler 3
Kenmore Water Cooler Dispenser Bottleless White
Avalon Self Cleaning Countertop
Brio Mountain Countertop Water Bottleless Dispenser
Brio CL520 Water Cooler

What is a Bottleless water cooler?

Unlike the traditional water coolers which used to carry a large bottle on the top, this modern water dispenser is directly connected to a waterline. You don’t need to involve in the messy work of changing water bottle from time to time.

You can just connect the bottle less water cooler to a water line to get water directly inside the cooler and then it would deliver the chilled water at your preferable temperature which can be set up in the machine itself.

Bottle less water coolers are equipped with Utilized carbon filtration which provides refreshing water. Charcoal in the carbon filtration helps in straining the water molecules and removing impurities and chemicals present inside the water.

10 Best Bottleless Water Coolers Reviews 2021 (Our Picks)

1. Comfee Mini Countertop Water Cooler 3

Comfee Mini Countertop Water Cooler 3

You will definitely get a mesmerizing experience with this three-volume capacity of the water cooler. This water cooler has two separate options to deliver cold water and hot water.

As this water dispenser is directly connected to the water pipe, it means that you can fulfill the requirement of many members at one time. You don’t need to wait to refill.

This device is very compact in its design and it barely occupies a small portion of your home. You can easily set up this device with the provided instruction in a very simple way. The available Layers of integrated filters that separate out the harmful Components and sediments Helps in delivering chlorine-free and rust-free freshwater.

You can easily set up this device without the help of Plumber. The stylish sleek design of the device makes your life easy and comfortable. It is also equipped with the smart filter which reminds you to change the filter when it requires.

  • Slim and elegant look
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and lightweight
  • There is no replacement filter

2. Kenmore Water Cooler Dispenser Bottleless White 

Kenmore Water Cooler Dispenser

A very uniquely designed bottleless water cooler is been equipped with three great functions which makes it the best home appliances for your household purpose. With the set up of an advanced filtration system, it can convert your rusty and dirty tap water into pure and refresh drinkable water.

This device is UL certified which makes sure and safe to prevent any electric hazards. It can be carried easily which means it is so much convenient in its nature that it can be set up anywhere in the house. You can set this device at the place where you sit most in your home that is the living room, bedroom, hall etc.

So that in this way you can enjoy a sip of cold water every morning, noon, evening, and night. There are also temperature modes available in this device so that you can deliver the water at a temperature of your choice.

  • It has an advanced filtration system
  • The device is UL certified
  • Available temperature modes
  • No cons found

3. Avalon Self Cleaning Countertop Bottleless Cold and Hot Water Cooler 

Avalon Self Cleaning Countertop

This device is a perfect combination of unique style and great performance. This device is considered to be the best innovations in the category of bottle less water cooler. It is very easy to use and convenient in your daily lifestyle. You just need to press a simple button to get a cup of cold water.

This machine has been equipped with a highly efficient compressor that can deliver ice-cold cool water at low-temperature without mixing the ice cubes. The other side of the water cooler can deliver hot water which can cook your tea and coffee instantly just on the go.

This machine has been set up with a safety measurement that is a safety lock on the machine which can prevent your kids from getting in contact with extremely hot water. Its carbon active filter makes sure to deliver pure, chlorine free, rust free drinkable water.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient compressor
  • Replace filter indicator
  • Takes time to fill the bottle

4. Brio Mountain Countertop Water Bottleless Dispenser

Brio Mountain Countertop Water Bottleless Dispenser

This beautifully designed bottle less water cooler will definitely add compliments to any of your living places in-home or office. You can easily and conveniently set up this water cooler device just by reading the instructions given with the box.

It is very simple to set up and it will definitely add glory and decorations to your living room or kitchen or office. This device can save a lot of money to be spent on chilled drinking water bottles as it directly dispenses water from the water pipe connected in its back.

The package is also filled with tutorial videos and images which can help you to understand the system and programming or functioning of this device. Also, its integrated filters will provide you dust-free, Rust-free, chlorine free and refresh drinkable water.

  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • Easy to set up
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • No cons found

5. Brio CL520 Water Cooler 

Brio CL520

Again this is a very nicely build premium-quality bottle less water cooler which can deliver a refresh drinkable water just on the go. This water cooler is very affordable in its range and a very trusted brand in the market. The machine can also control its power on and off when it reaches the set temperature.

This mechanism of the machine can help in saving a lot of electricity bills every month. You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner because this device box is equipped or filled with complete instructions of its functionality.

This water cooler has been constructed from premium and durable material and also it is UL certified which means it is very safe from electric hazards. The three temperature options will provide you the favorable water of your choice.

  • Maintains ideal temperature
  • High-end stainless steel constructed
  • Removable drip tray
  • The drip tray isn’t sturdy

6. Mojo Everest Water Cooler Bottleless 

Mojo Everest Water Cooler Bottleless

If you are planning to rent a water cooler then you need to stop for a moment because we have an alternate option available in a very affordable price range. The carbon activated filters of this water cooler will deliver you toxic free fresh drinkable water just on the go.

This machine is also equipped with a highly efficient compressor which will deliver you ice-cold cool water. You just need to put a cup against its tap. It is very convenient and easy to set up. Also, it is very durable in nature.

This device has been equipped with a leak detector that allows the device to detect leakage and which will help to prevent leakages. Also, it has been equipped with integrated safety lock which will prevent your kids from extremely hot water.

  • The tallest bottleless water cooler
  • Made of ABS stainless steel
  • Comes with leak ditector
  • No cons found

7. Global Water Reverse Osmosis Bootless Water G3 Dispenser

Bootless Water G3 Dispenser

This G3 model water cooler has been designed so specifically to deliver both cold and hot water. There are many layers of integrated filters that can filter carbon compounds, rust and dust, harmful components and chlorine.

This is how it promises to deliver neat and clean fresh drinkable water. Its compact design is so convenient that it can be set up at any place at home. Its stylish design and great performance will definitely satisfy all your concerns.

The dispense cash is very large which is very easy to fit and also its LED lights are useful for the indicators of its functions. It’s built in lock feature helps in preventing overflow and heating damages.

  • Has 4 stage filtration
  • Equipped with two rear toggle switches
  • Replacement filters available
  • Manufacturation quality could be better

8. Avalon A5 Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

Avalon A5

This freestanding Avalon A5 water cooler is very favorite among the users. It has high-grade stainless steel tanks with three temperature selection modes which make it the most advanced water cooler in this price range.

It is very convenient to set up in any part of the home and very much ideal to be placed in-home or office. Its installation kit includes all the instructions and safety guidelines to set up this device.

Also, its dual filtration system works efficiently to remove all the harmful components and toxic compounds from the running tap-water. This is how it promises to deliver rust-free, dust-free, chlorine-free fresh drinking water.

  • Includes installation kit
  • Three temperature settings
  • Dual filtration system
  • Need experts to install

9. Aquverse A6500-K Bottleless Water Cooler

Aquverse comes with a simple operating method and minimal bells and whistles. The product comes with a dual float back up system that stops leakage. Along with this, it has both hot and cold temperature settings with a child lock feature that prevents injury.

Moreover, it has a high-efficiency compressor with a low cycle rate, the heavy-duty hardware, and the external part is metal constructed- these features make the item more durable and long-lasting.

The water cooler will give you an amazing result and ensures the excellent taste of water with copper refrigerant lines and internal heating coils. The best part is that, the product is reasonably small that makes it easier to place anywhere. 

  • Comes with installation kit
  • Has removable dishwasher safe deep tray
  • Has fast-fill rate(16 oz in 8 sec)
  • No cons found

10. Avalon A12 Bottleless Water Cooler

You can customize your drinking experience with this amazing water cooler as it comes with three exceptional temperature settings- hot, cold, and room temperature that help you to have your water temperature comfortably.

The water cooler comes with a dusk filtration system- sediment filter and carbon block filter that provides the best result. On top of that, it is equipped with a self-cleaning feature that keeps it bacteria-free and purifies the dispenser by using ozone technology and the inbuilt night light that helps to have water in the darkroom.

It also comes with an indicator that lights up and informs you when you have to replace the bottle. The water cooler is compact and small in size that you can easily set up in your kitchen and also you can connect it to your existing sink water line. 

  • Dual filtration system
  • Inbuilt night light
  • Has 3 temperature settings
  • No cons found

Things to Consider While Buying Bottleless Water Cooler


The durability of the product is significant and it depends on the construction material. The water coolers that are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and food-grade silicon will give the highest durability. 

These materials are temperature resistant that works very well on high temperature as well as they are also resistant to bacteria contaminations. These features provide the best output and describe the quality of the water cooler.

Stainless steel or aluminum made water coolers are easy to clean also, so you don’t have to worry about the taste of water.

Temperature options

Some bottle-less water coolers come with two temperature options- hot and cold both, and some come with only a cold option exclusively. 

If you pick the dual dispensing water cooler, you can use filtered hot and cold water for your drinks, instant noodles, soup, hot coffee, or cold coffee both. But there is a drawback as well. As hot water needs more energy consumption. So it will increase your electricity bill. 

On the other hand, if you pick the single dispensing water cooler, you will get cold water and you can stay hydrated and chilled after your workout session and it won’t impact your electricity bill as well.


It will be better to pick that one which comes with a higher capacity so that you won’t need to replace the water bottle too often. 

User friendly

The features of your water cooler should be user friendly so that you don’t have to spend so many times to determine the unit works. Also, the ease of use features makes it easy to use for everyone. 

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is related to your electricity bill. The more energy-consuming water cooler will lead you to higher electricity bill. So pick the water cooler that comes with UL/ Energy star approval, this will ensure you the lower energy consumption, save to electricity bill and safety standards as well. 

Safety features

As children gets attracted to these kinds of machines that come with lights and buttons, so safety features are very crucial for the security of kids and the machine as well. 


We have so many varieties of bottleless water coolers which can deliver a purified and fresh drinking water directly from the tap water.

All you need to figure out is the filtration process of the water cooler which can remove harmful toxic compounds and chemicals like chlorine.

Also the premium and stylish design, as well as durable build quality material, are also necessary along with affordable price range.

This is all that you need to consider which can help you in buying the best bottle less water cooler in your affordable price range.

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