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Best BMX Bikes Under $300 Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

best bmx bikes under 300

Are you looking for a bike that spins, bunny hops and turns around like a Superman? If so, a BMX bike could be an ideal choice from hundreds of super great bikes around. These bikes are designed mainly for stunt racing and riding.

Most people who fancy BMX bikes rave that it delivers a mixed performance between a motorbike and bicycle. Simply, it balances the smoothness and agility of a cycle – more than anything else. It’s even suitable for kids who like to play around.

Today, we’ve high-end and budget-friendly models in the market. If you’re battling out with your tight budget, we’ve a solution for you!

In our article, we’ll review the best BMX bikes under $300 that come with a set of advanced features. Keep in mind that these bikes vary in size, rims, wheel size, handlebars, gear and braking systems. 

Let’s dive in!

Image Product Rating Price
Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike 
Redline Romp Freestyle BMX Bicycle
Razor Nebula BMX Bike
Framed Attack LTD Black BMX Bike
Elite 20" & 18” BMX Bicycle Destro

7 Best BMX Bikes Under $300 (Top Picks)

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike 

Mongoose BMX Bike

Mongoose is the most reputable BMX bike Manufacturer Company and popular for the quality and performance of their products. That’s why it earns the number one spot.

Whether you want to meander around the street or ‘beat’ sharp corners in competitive racing, this cheap Mongoose Legion BMX bike will incredibly make a difference.

The bike comes with a Hi-Ten steel frame that will help to maintain its durability. Even better, the bike is very light-weighted and comes with a removable brake mount that helps in performing stunts.

It fulfills the requirements of BMX bikes, including the criteria speed, agility and performance. Other than this, the bike comes in a wide range of variety that varies from L10 to L 100, allowing the customization according to your personal choice and preference.

The power braking system allows you to stop your bike in any emergency situation so you can take this bike anywhere like street, park and road.

It includes high quality frame
Emergency Braking system with u brakes
Allow full customization
  • Great for performing stunts
  • Comes with removable brake mount
  • Comes with an emergency braking system.
  • Sometimes pedals suck

2. Redline Romp Freestyle BMX Bicycle

Redline Romp BMX Bicycle

Redline BMX bicycles are basically designed for the kids of age between 5-9 years. But why? It helps them in learning the fundamentals of riding a bicycle.

Besides, the bicycle features a dual pull brake system that doesn’t allow moving an inch in case of emergency so it is the safest BMX bicycle for kids. It is designed for riders of height between 4’6” and 5’6”.

Again, it stocks Kenda Small block tires that allows it to ride in any situation and place like street, dust and gravel trails. Other than this, it includes a platform pedal of ultra low profile that helps in providing great riding experience.

It’s equipped with handlebars that is RL HI-Ten Big Box so if you are searching for the BMX bike under 300 then it can be a worth buying option for you.

It includes Dual pull brake system
Safe for kids
You can ride this bicycle in any situation like road, street and park
  • Comes with dual pull brake system
  • Great for travel dirt and gravel trails as well
  • Safe for ramps and jumps .
  • The seat pad is fixed not adjustable

3. Razor Nebula BMX Bike

Razor Nebula BMX Bike

At under $300, Rozer BMX Bike comes with an attractive design and look that will definitely grab your attention. It includes high quality material that will enhance the durability of the bike.

This model comes with 20-inch wheels with pegs that allow smooth running experience even in muddy or rocky tracks. Along with this, Rozer has front and rear handbrakes together with an alloy seat clamp that will provide stability in every difficult situation that comes on the riding track.

Another best-selling asset of this bike is it’s lightweight feature. The weight of this BMX bike is very light so you can perform the stunts and tricks very easily and smoothly. Even if you are looking for the best BMX bike under 150$ then it can be the best-recommended option for you.

Light weighted bike for performing tricks and stunts
The bike contain 20 inches wheels
It includes front and rear brakes for controlling in tough situations
  • Eye Catching design and attractive look
  • Comes with alloy seat clamp
  • Easy to control in tough situations .
  • Comparatively less sturdy than others

4. Framed Attack LTD Black BMX Bike

Framed Attack BMX Bike

Looking for a 20 inches bike? Then Frame Attack can be the most appropriate recommendation for you.

Uniquely, this bike is idle for the people having height between 5’3 inches and 5’10 inches. Alongside this, it includes a chromoly frame that provides an appealing look to the bike along with durability.

It also includes APSE U-brake that will help to stop your bike in any tough situation. It is packed with an unsealed American bottom bracket that will maintain the build quality and boosts performance.

The pedals contain the nylon deposit that give smooth riding experience and with this, 20 inches alloy rims will help to deal with the obstacles that come on your way.

Highly comfortable seat
20 inches alloy wheel will provides great riding experience
Chromoly frame is durable and attractive
  • Lightweight and great for stunts
  • Comes with chomoly frame that provides durability
  • Has APSE U brake.
  • The seat is not adjustable

5. Elite 20″ & 18” BMX Bicycle Destro

Elite BMX Bicycle

Elite BMX bicycle is another great recommendation in our bucket list. The bike is compatible for every situation including street, park and even muddy roads.

The nice and mesmerizing look of the bicycle catches the attention of everyone. Along with this, the weight of the bike is only 26lb, which is marked as decent in terms of comfort and performance. 

Thanks for it’s high quality cosntruction. Its frame is made up of high tensile steel that shows the durability and builds quality of the product.

Better still, the bike contains a 20-inch wheel that is perfect for a teenager of height ranging from 4’5 to 5’5 inches. The best thing is that it includes a three-piece crank that makes it more attractive and improves the riding experience, too.

So if you are looking for the BMX bike under 300$ then it will definitely be a great deal to go with.

Great build quality and performance
It includes three piece crank
Attractive design
Suitable for all tracks
  • Comes with 3 pieces of cranks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • The bike pedal gets stuck sometimes

6. Eastern Cobra – Affordable BMX Bike

Eastern Cobra

Eastern Cobra bike is the best choice if you have an affordable budget of 300$ but want to get a high-quality item. The look of this bike is attractive and it is great for your riders as it is so lightweight. The bike is designed with a hi-tensile steel frame that makes it stable and durable for a years to come

The bike comes with sealed front, rear wheels and heavy-duty 3 piece tubular Chromoly cranks. The adjustable padded seat and BMX grip will give you the full comfort of your riding.  

Furthermore, it comes with stylish Eastern Atom PLastic pedals and sprocket that will give the bike a pro look. So, if you are a beginner and looking for a cheap BMX bike, you can pick this bike as your ideal choice. 

Great build quality and performance
Comes with rear wheels
Has 3 piece tubular chromoly cranks
BMX grips are comfortable
Has an adjustable padded seat
  • Great for beginners
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Bars are adjustable
  • No cons found

7. Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike

Mafiabikes Kush

This is the most lightweight BMX bike that can meet your budget. Weighing only 26 Lbs, the model comes with other top features that will blow your mind. Also, the bike is designed  with a single-wall front rim and double-wall alloy rim that protects it from damage by controlling severe jumps.

Its rims are deep enough to enhance stability and also the wheel size is just 20 inches. 

To mention, the bike will provide you a reliable and safe stopping power because it has the best U brake system with soft anti-scuff pads. Besides, it will give you a smooth and stable ride as well. The bike is so easy to handle and control when riding. Plus its sturdiness, it can tolerate any intermediate skills. 

Also, you will also get professional tools with this bike for easy and quick assembling. 

Great build quality and performance
High quality specifications
Comes with U-Brake, Tapered Fork Legs, 2.4″ Fat Crawler Street Tyres
Double-wall rear rim
  • Comes with a professional tool to assemble
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Deep rims to protect from damage.
  • Comes with unsealed parts of pedals

Things to consider while buying BMX Bike 

In this section, we will provide you with the detailed features that you should look for before buying your best BMX bike as we don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money.


Material ensures the durability and stability of the bike. So high-quality material is necessary to assure a long-lasting service. BMX bikes are made of aluminum, steel or chromoly. 

Steel is the cheapest material that the frame so it won’t last long but a high tensile steel frame can be a good choice. 

On the other hand, aluminum is a great ingredient to manufacture BMX bikes as it ensures durability as well as it maintains a minimum weight of frame that gives a great comfort of riding. 

Chromoly is the latest material that some manufacturers choose to use. It also makes the bike durable but the frame becomes heavier. 


Size is the most critical feature to pay attention when buying a BMX bike as it measures how comfortable you will be to ride in. You will find the size chart on the website of every brand, on amazon and google also. 

To determine your right size, at first, measure your height and then match that with the given size chart. When you pick the right size that is adjustable to your height, you will find great comfort to ride on it.  


Weight matters after the size of the BMX bike as it will play an important role during races or stunts. The material of it is the cause of weights like most of the bikes are made of steel, steel alloy, or aluminum. 

Among them, aluminum-made bikes are lightweight that make it easier to do stunts, jumps, ride on gravel trails or dirt without crumbling. Yet, the other parts of the bike can cause a little heavyweight as some parts are made of chromoly which is heavier than aluminum but it ensures durability for a long time. 


BMX bikes are different from racing bikes, it won’t give you that much speed of racing but these bikes are sturdy enough such that you can smoothly come down from hills at high speed without any crumple. The tires of the bike are larger than street tires in that they have a smooth grip to control speed on dirt or gravel trails. 


BMX bikes are mainly manufactured for youngsters, so wheel size matters too to determine the right size according to their heights. The ideal wheel size is 20 inches to 24 inches. The right wheel size can assure the rider a smooth ride. 

Also, wheels must have lower spoke count and single walled for the purpose of weight. Narrower wheels can give a better acceleration as well as a better grip on dirt or other surfaces. 

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Can adults ride 20-inch bikes? 

No, adults can’t ride on 20-inch bikes. As the 20-inch wheel BMX bikes are mainly manufactured for children and youngsters and it also has a measurement of height for riding. The minimum age for riding 20-inch bikes are from 5 years to 8 years. Also, if 9 to 10 years old boys are smaller in height, they can also ride on it. 

Q. Does BMX Brand Matter? 

Absolutely yes, brand matters too when you want the best BMX bike for your children. Best and top-rated brands ensure high-quality material, top features, durability, stability, good components, and a safe ride. 

Worth mentioning, best-reviewed brands ensure their brand value with the superior quality of the product. So, buying BMX bikes from the best brands is a wise decision. 

Q. What will be the common features in BMX bikes under 300$?

BMX bikes under 300$ budget contain some common features. You can expect from these bikes- 

  • Aluminum U brake or front and rear handbrakes 
  • Adjustable seat pad 
  • Pedals are plastic 
  • High tensile steel or aluminum frame 
  • Narrow tires with a great PSI(Pounds per Square Inch) for pressure handling. 
  • Chromoly or steel cranks


Starting out riding and racing can be a bit hectic – especially if you’re penny pinching. Nonetheless, there are cheap options out there as recommended in the article. All you need is to put together your motives and intention as to why you need a BMX bike.

So these above recommendations will incredibly help in choosing the best BMX bike under 300$. Consider the budget, speed, performance and build quality before grabbing your desired model. Our editor choice is Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike. This bike comes with a user-friendly budget yet it appeals for great features. It will not only suffice but also maneuver in racing parks.  

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