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10 Best Bluetooth Hoverboards Reviews in 2021

Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

Hoverboarding has become the talk of the day – this time not as a sport but as a means of entertainment. Commonly known as self-balancing scooters, hoverboards are fun and futuristic personal transports that could swiftly carry you all-round without applying much effort.

These scooters burst onto the scene some few years ago and quickly became popular toys for adults and kids alike. Today, you can meander around your neighborhood, college or a nearby market. And with the advanced technology, we now have the best Bluetooth hoverboards with us. This sounds amazing!

Bluetooth enabled hoverboards are unique. They feature a pair of speakers as well as a Bluetooth receiver. This means that you can set the Bluetooth and connect to your smartphone. What next? Enjoy the cool music as you wander toward your destination.

So, let your wish come true by trying this auto-balanced smart device. In this article, I’ll take you through the best hoverboards in the market. In the end, it will be easy to choose the one that matches your needs. 

Image Product Rating Price
Tomoloo Hoverboard
Veveline Hoverboard
Sisigad Hoverboard
Spadger Hover Board
CXM Scooter

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are portable yet smart devices that can transport you from one place to another with ease. They can be categorized as powered and automated skateboards. The hoverboards feature two auto-balanced wheels that provide stability. 

Simply put, they are electrical devices that usually work on lithium-ion batteries. You only need to apply a little pressure to set it into motion.

 The hoverboards were invented way back in 2013. You can twist the platform, move around with the hoverboard, and enjoy yourself. Indeed, they are a new revolution in the world of technology and advancements.

Why should you buy a hoverboard?

Recall your childhood years, when you wanted  to have a personal scooter. Of course, there are many things that made you fall in love with it. These devices are fun, crazy and comfortable to use.

Hoverboards serve as great sources of convenience and recreation. You can use them whenever you want and place them wherever you desire.

These hoverboards offer unique tech features, which resulted in the enormous demand for the product in the market. There are probably many reasons which reach to the conclusion that buying a hoverboard is an excellent idea to nurture. 

Characteristics of Hoverboard

Hoverboards are in great demand in the market. They exhibit amazing features and quality standards, which make them a deeming choice for purchase.

Most people are transitioning from manual skateboards or cycles to these mechanical gadgets like hoverboards. 

Here are the main feature and tech specifics of hoverboards:

Navigation Friendly

Controlling hoverboards is one of the easiest things to do. You don’t need any particular tech knowledge or specification for operating your hoverboard. The full mobility of the hoverboard is based upon your body movement. Leaning forward accelerates the hoverboard while you can stop it by leaning backward. 

If you wish to change the direction, all you have to do is shift the platform or handle forward and backward. Just read a few simple instructions, and you are ready to go.


A concerning thing about tech gadgets and devices is that they are very difficult to handle. But in the case of hoverboards, they are very low maintenance. Regular checking of batteries and keeping the hoverboard safe is all you need to do. They are a very cost-effective purchase.


Hoverboards are incredibly light and have a friendly design. They are not at all bulky or heavy and are easy to move. The lightweight design and framework provide a high level of convenience and comfort. You can carry them anywhere.


These hoverboards work upon the batteries and do not require any additional mode. It is better to store some of the batteries as a spare to use in an emergency or when the battery drains.


Hoverboards run over electricity and do not emit any kind of fuel or something. These features make them environmentally friendly. There is no pollution or harmful emissions, hoverboards are entirely safe and eco-friendly to use.

Best Bluetooth Hoverboard (Our Top Picks)

1. Tomoloo Hoverboard

Tomoloo Hoverboard

Tak of a comfortable model with Bluetooth function – Tomoloo Hoverboard is a rhythmed music hoverboard for both kids and adults. The hoverboard weighs around 17.6 pounds and is manufactured by Tomoloo. It is available in black color and has dimensions of about 26.35inches x 10.25inches x 9.15 inches.

Product Features:

High level of international safety standards.
UL2272 certified hoverboard
High-Temperature Resistance and fire protection
It is highly durable and tough.
Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and technology with a new speaker and RGB LED design.
It has a cruising speed of 12km/hour.
Can Carry weight or riders up to 165 lbs.
  • Super Storage Capacity
  • 12 months warranty
  • Led and Music Rhythm
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Highly resistant to temperature
  • Rechargeable Battery life
  • Fragile Battery life
  • Does not work on gravel or rocks
  • The charger gets heated easily

2. Veveline Hoverboard

Veveline Hoverboard

Here is another recommended option on our buying list. The hoverboard is manufactured by Veveline, this hoverboard weighs around 8.01kiligrams.

It is available into 25 x 9.2 x 8.8 inches and in a starry sky color variant. It is UL2272 certified and has a higher quality with proper safety standards.

Dual 300-watt motor.
Self-balancing technology
Built-in wireless speaker
36V/2.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery.
6.5-inch rubber tires.
  • Quick and Fast charging
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • LED lights and Flash system
  • Soft and slip-resistant pad
  • Weak Battery Life

3. Sisigad Hoverboard

Sisigad Hoverboard

Sisigad Hoverboard is exclusively designed for your kids and can serve as an ideal gift for them. Available in two or three colors, it has a 300W motor and 5 C lithium battery. Sisigad Hoverboard is entirely safe and is certified as UL2272 standards.

Led Flash wheels and lights.
Non-slip footpads
Shock absorbing foot pedals
Built-in wireless speakers.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Use
  • Self-Balancing technology
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Battery drains easily
  • Could not carry a large weight

4. Spadger Hover Board

Spadger Hover Board

Magical and stunning, this model will entice your ride around the park. Spadger hoverboard with 6.5″ inch tires is available in different color options.

Manufactured by Shenzhen uni-sun Electronics Company limited, it has dimensions around 25 x 9.4 x 9.2 inches. They are entirely safe and have passed UL2272 standards.

Versatile (functional on plain, gravel, or grass)
Smart Bluetooth connectivity
Lithium-ion batteries of 37V/2.0 Ah.
6.5inch tire and smooth ride.
  • Quick Charging system
  • Non-slip rubber tires and foot pedals
  • Shock absorbing
  • Three-month warranty
  • Cannot hold a lot of weight
  • Little battery life

5. CXM Scooter

CXM Scooter

CXM is amongst the most popular hoverboard brand in the market. These hoverboards are safe and very easy to use. Weighing around 16.31pounds, the CXMScooter measures 24.8 x 8.5 x 9.3 inches. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and is safety certified.

Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
LED Flashlights
Silicon Pedal
7.5 Mph maximum speed
  • Battery Management System
  • Anti-slip foot pads
  • Colorful LED flash wheel
  • Battery Indicators
  • Unstable on irregular surfaces

6. Gyroor Hoverboard

Gyroor Hoverboard

Gyroor is one of the most famous brands known for making the safest hoverboards. These hoverboards are very easy to use.

It has been tested for safety and has passed all the tests. It measures about 27.75 x 11.25 x 10.25 inches and weighs around 11 kg. It also has built-in music speakers to make your ride more enjoyable.

Easy to balance.
Beautiful LED light
Max. speed of 9.95 miles/hour
  • Easy and quick to charge
  • Ensures safety
  • Six-month warranty
  • Shock-absorbing tires
  • Short battery life
  • No water resistance

7. XTREME Power US Hoverboard


Xtreme power hoverboards are 7.5 x 23.5 x 6.5 inches and weigh 7.46 kilograms. These are self- balancing, which makes them safe and easy to use for beginners.

It is rechargeable and connected to a smart device via Bluetooth. It is made of aluminum and steel. It is available in a chrome black color. 

Self-balancing system (makes it easy to use for beginners)
built-in music speakers (makes ride more enjoyable)
max speed is 8.6 miles/hour
charging time is 2-3 hours
  • ensures safety
  • easy to accelerate
  • LED lights for ensuring visibility in night
  • Provides superb grip
  • a very short battery life
  • can handle less weight

8. Jolege Hoverboard


Jolege hoverboard is safe and can work on the principle of one-touch operation. It is 25.1 x 9.5 x 9 inches, weighing 7.96kilograms.

It has colorful LED lights making your experience memorable. Solid rubber wheels make it more versatile. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity with a smart device.

Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
Easy to learn
Max speed is 7.5MPH
Charge time is 2-3 hours
  • Guarantees safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Low weight capacity

9. Flying Ant

Flying Ant

UL2272 certified board with dual hub motors and lithium 5C battery. The hoverboard’s wheel size is 6.5 inches and works in the weight range of 44lbs to 200lbs. It can ride over the range of 6 miles in a single charge.

Self Balancing hoverboards
Wireless Bluetooth system and built-in speakers.
LED lighting on wheels, front, and rear of the body
Available in pink color.
  • Slip-resistant rubber pads
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • High speed about 12km/h
  • LED side light
  • Short Range of Motion
  • Low range

10. XPIRIT Hoverboard

XPIRIT Hoverboard

The SBW model of XPIRIT is the perfect hoverboard for all age groups in the weight’s strict limitations. It can support the weight from 45 lbs to 1656 lbs and is very easy to balance.  

2000 mAh battery
Available in black, pink, red, and blue colors.
Built-in Bluetooth and wireless speakers
The maximum speed is only six mph
UL2272 certified safety standards
  • User friendly
  • Proper Bluetooth connectivity
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Led lighting and skid resistant
  • Not ideal for adults or teens due to low speed
  • Less durable

Buyers Guide

If you are looking forward to buying a bluetooth hoverboard, here are a few things that you must know.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the first factor to look for when purchasing a hoverboard. Hoverboards with higher ground clearance are more stable, balanced, and durable. Ground clearance means larger wheels, and they tread over a more considerable distance. Hoverboards with higher ground clearance can easily traverse over rocks or uneven surfaces.

Distance Per Charge

Distance Per Charge is the average distance a hoverboard covers at one charge. The more is the distance per charge, the more storage capacity, and thus it treads over a larger area. Always look for a hoverboard which has a higher distance per charge.

Weight Capacity

You should be very specific about the weight limitations of your hoverboard. Make sure whether you are purchasing the board for your kids or yourself. You should look at the details and weight capacity of hoverboards. You should buy a hoverboard that can easily carry your weight without being damaged.

Top Speed

The hoverboard should have a high or moderate speed, which allows it to tread more area and enjoy the thrill. Usually, the speed of hoverboards ranges between 6-9 mph. You can look at the specifications and choose the board accordingly. 

In comparison, some hoverboards like Hovertrax have an extraordinarily convenient and higher speed of about 10-12mph.You can select the hoverboard and speed based upon your comfort and safety. As in 6 mph is normal and ideal for kids.

Running Distance

Running distance and range of the hoverboard depends on the terrain, weight of the rider, type of road, and many other things. Many boards have different running distances or ranges. Different brands have an average running distance of about 12-14miles while other companies like swag can offer about 20 miles range.

Weight of the scooter

Portability is another attractive and convenient feature of the scooter. Lightweight and compact hoverboards are easy to move, and you can carry them anywhere you want. In other cases, heavyweight boards are less portable and less handy.

Stopping System

Navigation is the sole criterion to check the quality and durability of the hoverboard. You should look at the instructions of the hoverboards and carefully look at the stopping system and movement. 

Make sure it does not get jerky or imbalanced. A smoother ride means more convenience and comfort.

Patented Technology

It’s given that quality and durability enhance the overall experience of riding hoverboards. Many companies have patented technology with extra beneficial specifications, making the hoverboards a good value for the money. 

Some have built-in Bluetooth and wireless speakers, special assistance, and material used in tires or pad to make the board more durable.


When purchasing a thing, it should look appealing, attractive, and useful. You should primarily emphasize the design.

Select the proper design, which is beautiful and also has certain benefits. Many boards have LED flashlights, rimmed wheels, proper finishing, which make them even more appealing.

Build Quality

With no doubt, hoverboards should be highly durable and robust. The sturdier they are, they last longer and can withstand more wear and tear. The build quality of hoverboards should be excellent. Look for the robust quality rubber on your tires, anti-slip rubber pads, and other additional features. The platform should be durable enough to hold the weight and continuous bodily movement.

Some Extra Tips to Follow

  • Follow the instruction manual properly. Before riding the hoverboard, read all the instructions about moving forward, backward, or turning around. 
  • If you have a kid at home, do not let them ride alone. Be near to them when they are trying at least for the first time to avoid any sort of accident.
  • Wear proper safety gear, including knee pads, helmets, elbow pads, etc.
  • Always use the original charger.
  • Do not charge for a long time and stop using hoverboards once they get hot. 
  • Purchase the hoverboards after properly looking at the buyers’ guide and purchasing the one that meets all your tech specifications.


Back to our reviews, you’ll learn that the best bluetooth hoverboards are fun, interesting and incomparable to any other type out there. If you are looking to invest in one, just jot down the key things for consideration before adding it to the cart. 

Factors like comfortability, build quality, types, durability, price among others are the backbone for the best hoverboard. 

Finally, check out the brand that is versatile. Whether it’s for fun or reaction, a good model should suffice to perfection when placed on the ground for a comfortable ride all over your desired places. 

No more waiting, just go ahead and grab the best option. 

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